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Bill Busch, DMD, MAGD

Tucker VanYperen, DMD

North Kansas City Dental

  • (816) 471-2911
  • 2000 Swift Ave.
  • North Kansas City, MO 64116



Jessica D.

Oct 30, 2015

Both of my children had their first appointments with Dr. Busch on Thursday.

The entire office staff, dental hygienist and Dr. Busch were so kind and made my kiddos feel very comfortable! It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend them!




Oct 21, 2015

Love this place…

Had my first visit on Monday and every one was super sweet. Dr. Busch was very kind as well..Everything was fast paced straight to the point, didnt have to wait that long to be called back or to be told what the plan was for procedure wise.. I had my 6 week old son with me and he started getting fussy and the dental assistant who was in the room help me with him and fed him for me 🙂 I felt very welcomed and loved the enviroment.



Jessica S.

Sep 25, 2015

Nobody likes to hear that they need a crown, but preventative measures are always best, and they can make the transition as comfortable as possible.

I’m a long time patient of Dr Busch and have all of my extended family going to him. Highly recommended




Jun 29, 2015

NKC Dental has a very patient-friendly environment.

Dr. Busch and his staff strive to make sure the patient is comfortable, are sensitive to patients’ needs while sitting in the dental chair, and they are very professional. They also offer an interest-free payment plan through Care Credit to make the services more affordable. I have not been in a dental office that offers all of the above.



Roger M.

Jun 05, 2015

always very efficient and helpful with everything, from reception to service to billing.

most up to date equipment I’ve seen in a dentist’s office. they make crowns on site so that you don’t have to have a temporary crown, then come back to get the permanent crown to replace it. very well run, friendly office.



Kara W.

Feb 4, 2014

It’s difficult for me to find a dentist I’m comfortable with due to having bad teeth.

Dr. Busch made it clear that together we will help build my smile back! He has worked with me many times to come up with affordable payments because the work I’ve had done has been and will continue to be extensive. I’ve gone most of my adult life living with the embarrassment of my smile. I find myself for warning all staff and doctors before looking into my mouth that ” it’s ugly in there!” Being only 34 years old it’s difficult to explain to others why and how I have such a neglected looking set of teeth. Dr. Busch has came up with ideas on how we can little by little start rebuilding my self confidence.



Mike T.

Feb 4, 2014

Everything went great today.